Lansing, Michigan Voter Center

Vote at Home

All registered voters in Michigan can now vote before Election Day using what’s called an absentee ballot. You don’t need an excuse or a reason. You can vote by absentee ballot through the mail, without leaving your home. You can also go to your city or township clerk’s office or drop box to return your absentee ballot.

Read more at the Michigan State Information Center: Vote at home/absentee voting.

Request an Absentee Ballot

Registered voters with a Michigan ID can request an absentee ballot online through our absentee voter request form.

You can also use this form to request an Absentee Ballot Application which is useful for those voters without a Michigan ID. Applications must be printed, signed, and returned to the Clerk’s Office.  They can be mailed, scanned, faxed, dropped off at our office or one of our secure drop box locations. 

Learn more and find additional links to absent ballot applications at the Michigan State website: Vote At Home.

Drop Box Locations for Lansing City Voters Only

Election Drop Boxes – Safe – Secure – No Postage Required – No Mail Delays

To find the one closest to you, click here to visit our interactive map

Election Drop Box at the Alfreda Schmidt Community Center. To find one near you, click here

Additional Resources

*If you have provided our office with an email address OR phone number, you will be receiving an email/text message about tracking your ballot through the mail. If you have not provided our office with a form of communication, you can click the link above and enter your voter information to view if your ballot was received.